• 30.03.2020
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Data in the lab of the future: assignable, real time, readable, original and correct

Data in the lab of the future: assignable, real time, readable, original and correct
The WTW IDS Gate – an open system for GLP-compatible data handling in the lab

The IDS system allows you to work wirelessly, resulting in a safer and more organised workstation.

If you use the IDS wireless sensors along with the IDS Gate, this is another benefit due to the electronic capture of measured values. The IDS status viewer provides a preview of the measured values in any device in the network. Here, you can also see the history of the respective measured value, which is especially helpful, e.g. when adjusting a pH-value.

You can further process the measuring results any way you need to with this system: There is the option to save the data as a hard copy by creating a PDF as a CoA (Certificate of Analysis). This option also allows working in an environment with hybrid raw data definition. You can also work completely digitally and save the measured values directly and without complications in a LIMS or in a table calculation software, as shown in the example. There is the additional advantage that the measured data can be directly connected to the calibration protocol. You can maintain calibration and maintenance intervals by means of LIMS. The use of this function also enables the setting where only sensors, which have a valid calibration, can be used to generate measured values.

The IDS Gate is excellently suited for starting a lab on its digitalization path, as it can be implemented easily and step by step.

This summery was taken from Mr. Maximilian Küppers, chemical laboratory worker at Bayer AG Research & Development, Crop Science after integrating the WTW IDS wireless sensors in the company’s own LIMS system with the new IDS Gate.

The IDS System

A modern, expandable system for mobile measurement as well as for laboratory measurements of the parameters pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Expandable from the classic pH meter to modern, wireless data transmission and integration in LIMS. The IDS system enables step-by-step digitization in the laboratory.

Find more information about the IDS system that will allow you to put together the right system for your application.


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