Analyzer for Wasterwater and more: Online Measuring

Water and wastewater treatment still require analyzers for on-line measuring, justifying their presence next to commonly more reasonable in-situ sensor systems. Especially for utmost precise water analysis – with for i.e. effluent monitoring of wastewater plants requiring automatic calibrations and/or adaption as well as standard DIN procedures for analysis – analyzers are applied. Besides the measuring instruments also the sample preparation is of great importance.

Alyza IQ PO<sub>4</sub>

Alyza IQ PO4

Wet-chemical analyzer for continuous measurement of ortho-phosphate on wastewater treatment plants 

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Alyza IQ NH<sub>4</sub>

Alyza IQ NH4

Wet-chemical analyzer for continuous measurement of ammonium on wastewater treatment plants and rivers 

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Turb PLUS 2000

Turb PLUS 2000

Standard-compliant turbidity measurement, with ultrasonic cleaning as option 

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Chlorine 3017M

Chlorine 3017M

Drinking Water Analyzer for the measurement of free and total chlorine according to DPD 

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Alyza IQ

The brandnew analyzer series for the measurement of ammonium und ortho phosphate with IQ Sensor Net 

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Phosphate elimination – measure, precipitate, control with the Alyza IQ PO4

From the EU level to individual specifications for wastewater treatment plants - the discharge values for phosphorus are decreasing. The Alyza IQ PO4 provides continuous and precise values for the required phosphate precipitation.  

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The new Solution for your Drinking Water Monitoring

A combination of proven technology
IQ Sensor Net + IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensors) = WTW Drinking Water Panel

  • Digital communication
  • Modern & clear panel design
  • Low flow rate

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PurCon® Sample Preparation

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