Phosphatmessung mit WTWPhosphorus compounds – in particular ortho-phosphate PO43- – are considered to be the limiting nutrients in most stagnant and flowing waters. An increase in their concentration caused by higher input (wastewater, avulsion etc.) results directly in increasing eutrophication of the water with known effects such as increased growth of algae, oxygen depletion as far as anoxia in the deeper regions, etc.

Phosphorus occurs in 3 compounds in natural waters:

  • Inorganic, dissolved ortho-phosphate
  • Dissolved organic phosphorus compounds
  • Particulate phosphorus (bound in biomass or attached to particles),

They add up to the total of phosphorus content PTotal, an important parameter in monitoring wastewater treatment plant effluents.

Alyza IQ PO<sub>4</sub>

Alyza IQ PO4

Wet-chemical analyzer for continuous measurement of ortho-phosphate on wastewater treatment plants 

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Measuring system for every wastewater treatment plant for up to 20 parameters, including ortho-phosphate. 

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photoFlex<sup>®</sup> STD

photoFlex® STD

Multi-parameter photometer with more than 10 methods for phosphate, easy to transport 

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photoLab<sup>®</sup> 7100 VIS

photoLab® 7100 VIS

Spectral photometer to measure phosphate in the lab 

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