Bellingham + Stanley manufactures high quality general purpose polarimeters for use in a variety of applications, along with a range of sample tubes and quartz control plates for instrument validation. With three distinct series choices, Bellingham + Stanley can provide the right polarimeter or saccharimeter for your precise business or research needs.
ADP600 Series polarimeters are available as single, dual and multiple wavelength derivatives covering the visible spectrum and are capable of measuring optical rotation to four decimal places in the highly sensitive ultra-violet region. ADP400 Series polarimeters are general-purpose single wavelength polarimeters suitable for sugar, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The ADP400 polarimeters are available with or without XPC – Xylem’s patented internal Peltier temperature control system.
Multi-wavelength Polarimeters

Multi-wavelength Polarimeters

Polarimeters with up to 6 wavelengths for UV / Vis for the most demanding analysis of optical and specific rotation with a resolution of four decimal places. 

Single wavelength Polarimeters

Single wavelength Polarimeters

Single wavelength polarimeter with or without Peltier temperature control. 


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