• 04.09.2023
  • Bellingham + Stanley

New Brochure: Polarimeter Sample Tubes

New Brochure: Polarimeter Sample Tubes

Discover Bellingham + Stanley’s range of polarimeter sample tubes in a new brochure that’s ready for download now.

Compatible with many different makes and models of polarimeter, these precision engineered polarimeter tubes are manufactured to the highest standards. Glass tubes are manufactured from chemically robust SCHOTT® Borosilicate, whilst metal tubes are made from strong grade 316L Stainless Steel.

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Download the new brochure today and learn more about the different sample tubes on available, including:

Standard Tubes

Glass tubes with plastic end caps suitable for a wide range of food, chemical and academic applications where temperature control is not required.

XPC Stainless Steel Tubes

XPC tubes are specifically designed for use with our ADP450 and ADP600 Series digital polarimeters featuring Xylem Peltier Control technology.

Low Volume Tubes

Short path length, narrow internal diameter stainless steel tubes ideal for rare, volatile or highly active samples applied by syringe or autosampler with or without XPC technology.

Specialist Tubes

Standard glass tubes featuring chemical resistant endcaps and replaceable glands for use with corrosive samples including hydrochloric acid, with or without XPC technology.

Funnel Flow Tubes

Funnel flow tubes with water-jacket or XPC technology for semi-automated continuous measurement in the sugar industry.

Download now

Download the new Polarimeter Sample Tubes brochure today or take a look at our polarimeter accessories and consumables page here. For more information about Bellingham + Stanley’s digital polarimeters visit the homepage here, or contact the customer care team.