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<H2>Our Industries</H2>

Our Industries

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants / wastewater
  • Drinking water control
  • Industrial applications
  • Measuring instruments for agriculture
  • Sustainable fish farming and aquaculture facilities
  • Laboratory applications
  • Measurement technology for food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicine
  • Environmental measurement and field monitoring
  • Measurement of surface water, river water and rainwater
  • Monitoring and analysis of water in oceans and coasts

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<H2>Our Parameters</H2>

Our Parameters

  • electrochemical measurement: pH/redox, dissolved oxygen and conductivity/salinity
  • photometric determination of e.g. BOD, Nitrate/Nitrite/NOX etc.
  • turbidity and solid matter
  • Nutrient parameters: Nitrogen/Ammonium, Phosphate/Phosphorus
  • Chlorine
  • Level, Flow and Sludge Level Measurement
  • Titration and Water Determination
  • Viscometry (capillary viscometry)
  • Refractometric and Polarimetric parameters: Brix, Refractive index and Optical rotation
  • Temperature, Humidity and Data logger

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<H2>Our Services</H2>

Our Services

  • Water quality
  • Control and monitoring of water
  • Research and Development
  • Water quantity
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Water determination/li>
  • Process control
  • Process optimization
  • Process validation

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Xylem Analytics is your global partner for high-quality products in all areas of water analysis. We have expertise in the continuous measurement of wastewater, surface and drinking water as well as in rivers, oceans and coasts or in the field. Also in water determination in the laboratory, food and automotive industry, we can guide you first-class through our experience and expertise in finding an individual solution and advise on the correct application of our measurement technology.

<H3>Continuous measurement in Drinking water and Wastewater</H3>

Continuous measurement in Drinking water and Wastewater

Xylem Analytics offers an extensive portfolio of measurement systems, monitoring and analysis systems, and related accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater worldwide. 

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<H3>Laboratory, Industry and Food area</H3>

Laboratory, Industry and Food area

Xylem Analytics provides high quality instrumentation for use in titration, viscometry, electrochemistry, photometry and turbidity measurement. 

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<H3>Field, Environment, Oceans and Coasts</H3>

Field, Environment, Oceans and Coasts

Xylem Analytics provides instrumentation for field and environmental monitoring in surface water, stormwater, drinking water, oceans, and coastal waters, among many other applications.  

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Technical Support and Service-Center
Are you looking for first-class measurement technology, solutions for your system and exclusive expert service? Xylem Analytics is your global contact for the automation of your processes!

<H3>Technical Support</H3>

Technical Support

Our experts in support come from the user environment and can therefore empathize particularly well with the daily challenges of everyday measurement. We advise you on the selection and combination of the right product components specifically for your application, but also if you have a very specific challenge with your measurement. 

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You would like to send in your device for calibration, repair or certification? Please fill out our form and follow the instructions for sending in your device to keep longer waiting times and queries about your service order to a minimum. The advantages for you are the reduction of your waiting time, the preventive clarification of questions and the shortening of the service time. 

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<H3>Self-service and Download area</H3>

Self-service and Download area

In the download and self-service area you will find all our data, information, instructions and application examples on products and solutions from all brands of the Xylem Analytics group for your own browsing and downloading. 

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<H3>Xylem Analytics Blog</H3>

Xylem Analytics Blog

Our portfolio of expertise, tips and tricks for our solutions, checklists, customer testimonials and customer experience values can be found bundled in our blog articles. 

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