Oxygen sensor for drinking water - WTW

Oxygen sensor for drinking water - WTW

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  • Description
    Oxygen sensor to be connected to analog transmitters
    Oxygen sensor for drinking water to be connected to Oxi 298 and MULTILINE 1000:
    • Cable included
    • Integrated temperature sensor
    • Easy handling
    The elctrochemical oxygen sensor Oxi ML 41 has a measuring range of 0-20 mg/l (or 0-200 %) and covers temperatures of -5 … 45°C. The integrated temperature sensor is a Pt1000. The sensor can be connected via open wires to the transmitter Oxi 298 Pt1000 as well as to the multiparameter system MULTILINE 1000.
  • Specifications


Oxi ML 41 (English)

D.O. sensor
Operating manual

Oxi ML 41 (German)

Sauerstoffsensor (Trinkwasser),