UV sensors for nitrate - WTW

UV sensors for nitrate - WTW

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  • Description
    Nox sensor for the IQ SENSOR NET
    UV 700 IQ NOx: Low-cost probe with integrated ultrasonic cleaning for the maintenance-free and reagent-free measurement of nitrate:
    •No replacement of seals or wiper profiles
    •Minimal effort thanks to maintenance-free WTW ultrasonic cleaning
    •No danger of emerging water thanks to completely sealed housing
    •No corrosion thanks to titanium housing
    With the new sensor UV 700 IQ NOx, nitrate is detected via a UV absorption measurement at a wavelength below 250 nm. Turbidity influences are effectively compensated by a reference measurement. This cost-effective probe is especially suited to regulate or control intermittent aeration. Another field of application is the detection of nitrate in rivers.
  • Specifications


    UV 701 IQ NOx

    UV 705 IQ NOx

    Order No.



    Measuring method

    UV Single Wavelengths Absorption Measurement

    Measuring gap
    (optical layer thickness)

    1 mm

    5 mm

    Application (optimized for)

    Municipal wastewater with a low proportion of industrial wastewater, waste water treatment plants, surface water

    Measuring range and Resolution


    0.0 ... 500.0 mg/l 0.1 mg/l

    0.0 ... 100.0 mg/l 0.1 mg/l


    0.0 ... 100.0 mg/l 0.1 mg/l

    0.0 ... 20.0 mg/l 0.1 mg/l

    Flow rate

    ≤ 3 m/s

    Pressure Resistance

    Maximum 1 bar (incl. sensor connection cable)

    Electrical connections

    2-wire shield cable with quick fastener to sensor

    Electromagnetic Compatibility

    EN 61326, Class B, FCC Class A
    Intended for indispensable operation




    Housing: Titan Grade 2, PEEK
    Window: Sapphire glass
    Protection class: IP 68

    Weight (without cable)

    Approx. 8.82 lb (4 kg)


    2 years for defects in quality



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UV 701 IQ NOx: UV 705 IQ NOx (German)

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