Themostatic Cabinets TS - WTW

Themostatic Cabinets TS - WTW

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    Thermostatic cabinets for the incubation of respirometric samples at constant temperatures between 10° and 40°C – cost efficient and energy efficient

    • Cost-effective solution for respirometric test procedures
    • Models with glass doors for visual control of OxiTop®-C, OxiTop®-i and OxiTop®-IDS
    • Energy-efficient insulation and eco-firendly refrigerant R 600a

    Thermostatic cabinets by Xylem Analytics WTW are excellent choices for respirometric measurements with OxiTop® systems. In a specified temperature range, they yield a deviation of ±0,5 K in relation to the set temperature and can be adjusted in steps of 1° C. The heating with the radial blower for constant temperature is equipped with sockets for the stirring platforms. The thermostatic cabinets are available in three sizes. The Incubator cabinet TS 608/2-i is suited for 2 BOD OxiTop® systems (12 standard bottles each), needs a power supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz.

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