WTW - IDS turbidity sensors with universal plug head – digital & wireless ready

WTW - IDS turbidity sensors with universal plug head – digital & wireless ready

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  • Description

    Digital turbidity sensor for the IDS system

    Digital IDS turbidity measurement with a practical turbidity sensor for mobile applications in surface waters and process - the VisoTurb® 900-P

    - Convenient turbidity sensor for MultiLine® IDS for measurements on site
    - Easy 2 or 3 point calibration
    - Suitable for multi-parameter measurements

    The VisoTurb® 900-P is a turbidity sensor that works with IR for mobile applications, where the turbidity value is to be determined directly in the sample. It is robust and reliable with an exclusive, corrosion-resistant titantium housing, waterproof up to 10 bar. Ist field of use is the measurement in surface waters, during pump tests, inspection of online measurements as well as in in-situ measurements in different applications. It works with all MultiLine® IDS portable meters and can be connected to AS/IDS-x cables of lengths of up to 100 m thanks to ist universal plug head. Additionally it can be used in laboratory applications with inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS, 9620 IDS und 9630 IDS. The use with IDS wireless modules is recommended.

  • Specifications
    Parameter FNU or NTU
    Temperature Operation temperature: -5 to 50 °C
    Storage temperature: -20 to 80 °C
    Measurement range 0 to 4,000 FNU
    Accuracy 0 to 999 FNU: 0,3 FNU 0.3 FNU or ±2 %, (whatever is greater)
    1000 to 4000 FNU: ±5 % of value
    Response time T63 < 2 s
    Wavelength 860 nm ±15 nm
    Measurement angle 90°
    Pressure resistance (IP 68) 10 bar
    Connection AS/IDS-x cable 1.5 to 100 m