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  • Description

    Sensor and connection cables for the IQ SENSOR NET

    Sensor cable SACIQ (Module - Sensor)
    SACIQ-1,5: Sensor cable 1.5 m IQ SENSOR NET
    SACIQ-7,0: Sensor cable 7.0 m IQ SENSOR NET
    SACIQ-15,0: Sensor cable 15 m IQ SENSOR NET
    SACIQ-SO: Sensor cable in meter IQ SENSOR NET

    Sensor cable SACIQ SW for corrosive media (Module - Sensor)
    SACIQ-20,0 SW: SW-Sensor cable 20 m IQ SENSOR NET
    SACIQ-25,0 SW: SW-Sensor cable 25 m IQ SENSOR NET
    SACIQ-50,0 SW: SW-Sensor cable 50 m IQ SENSOR NET
    SACIQ-SO SW: SW-Sensor cable in meter IQ SENSOR NET

    Protection plug for all SACIQ sensor cables

    Connection cable SNCIQ (Module - Module)
    SNCIQ-100: Connection cable 100 m
    SNCIQ-200: Connection cable 200 m
    SNCIQ-250: Connection cable 250 m
    SNCIQ-500: Connection cable 500 m
    SNCIQ: Connection cable in meter

    Connection cable SNCIQ/UG for use in underground (Module - Module)
    SNCIQ/UG-250: UG connection cable 250 m
    SNCIQ/UG: UG connection cable in meter

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