MIQ modules for power supply - WTW

MIQ modules for power supply - WTW

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  • Description
    Power supply modules for the IQ SENSOR NET, 230VAC or 24 V AC/DC
    Module to supply voltage to the system components in the IQ SENSOR NET – thanks to the modular principle and simple installation this is individually customizable:
    •Individually adaptable to the energy requirement - up to 6 modules can be installed in one system
    •Simple mounting - mount anywhere in the system, stacked without additional mounting hardware
    •Integrated lightning protection ensures high operational safety in any weather
    The power supply modules to operate the IQ SENSOR NET are available in two models: The wide range power supply MIQ/PS for 100–240 VAC and the low-voltage power supply MIQ/24V for 24 VAC/24 VDC.

    By the ability to stack these in the IQ SENSOR NET, you can quickly and easily dock these modules onto already existing ones - anywhere in the system. Therefore, you will not require any additional mounting hardware.
  • Specifications


    MIQ module MIQ/PS

    MIQ module MIQ/24V

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    MIQ Module Coupling at Front

    Combined mechanical and electrical connection for rapid docking and removal of the MIQ/TC 2020 3G
    Terminal/Controller (configurated as Terminal) and for docking additional modules

    MIQ Module Coupling at Rear

    Combined mechanical and electrical connection, for rapid coupling to MIQ modules, up to 3 modules as a stack mounted unit possible

    Cable Feeds

    4 screw cable glands M 16 x 1.5

    Terminal Connections

    Screw terminal strips
    Terminal area for solid conductors: 0.2 ... 4.0 mm2
    Terminal area for flexible conductors: 0.2 ... 2.5 mm2
    accessible by opening cover

    IQ Sensor Net Terminal Connections

    Terminal connections for the IQ Sensor Net are available on each module and can be used as required:
    - for connecting sensors
    - as an input/output or for looping through/branching of the IQ Sensor Net cable

    Other Functions

    Two LEDs, yellow and red, for monitoring the operating voltage of the IQ Sensor Net; IQ Sensor Net ­connection, Integrated local identity function; Integrated switchable terminal resistor (SN terminator)

    Electric Supply

    Directly via the IQ Sensor Net

    Ambient Conditions

    Operating temperature: -4 °F … 131 °F (-20 °C … +55 °C); Storage temperature: -13 °F … 149 °F (-25 °C … +65 °C)

    Housing Material

    PC – 20 % GF (polycarbonate with 20 % fiberglass)

    Protection Rating


    IP 66

    corresponding to NEMA 4X (not for direct conduit connections). Conduits need to be connected with flexible adapters (CC-Box), respectively with adapters CC-PM..

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    5.67 x 5.67 x 2.05 in. (144 x 144 x 52 mm)


    Approx. 1.1 pounds (0.5 kg)


    ETL, cETL (conforms with relevant UL and Canadian standards), CE

    Electromagnetic Compatibility

    EN 61326-1, Class B; FCC Class A

    Integrated Overvoltage Protection

    According to EN 61326-1 enhanced overvoltage protection for the entire system, implemented in each component

    Connection Medium Cable

    IQ Sensor Net cable SNCIQ or SNCIQ/UG (underground cable with additional PVC coating): ­
    2-wire with shield; 2 x 0.75 mm2; Filler cord for easy connection of shield: 0.75 mm2; pressure resistant to 10 bar

    Connection Characteristics

    Energy and data transfer via 2 wire technique; resistant to reversed polarity; Comprehensive EMC shield control; cable topology within IQ Sensor Net system as required, e.g. in the form of a line, tree, star, multiple star; Total cable length: max. 1000 m/1094 yds (without signal amplifying), with signal amplifying module MIQ/JBR additional 1000 m/1094 yds (max 3000 m/3282 yds)


    3 years for defects of quality