SI Analytics Titrator TitroLine® 7000 basic unit

SI Analytics Titrator TitroLine® 7000 basic unit

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  • Description

    Automatic Titrator for exchangeable heads for potentiometry

    With its performance spectrum, the TitroLine® 7000 is the ideal starting device for potentiometric titration with potential for expansion and automation. Thanks to the high-resolution and precise pH/ mV and “dead-stop” measuring interface, it is possible to determine a wide range of parameters quickly, reliable and accurate.

    General features
    • High visibility, full color display that can be easily viewed from a distance and at extreme angles.
    • Reagent data is securely stored in the intelligent and interchangeable modules
    • Includes up to three USB, on Ethernet and two RS232 ports for expansion and connection of devices
    • Export the results as PDF or CSV, also to networks.

    Specific features for the TitroLine® 7000
    • Automatic wireless recognition of SI Analytics ID electrodes guarantee accurate calibration and measurements
    • High resolution pH/mV-electrode and temperature inputs for pH, ISE, redox (ORP) or photometric titrations.
    • Perfect for non-aqueous titration such as acid and base numbers in oils (TAN and TBN)
    • Polarizable electrode input for set endpoint titrations („Dead-stop“)
    • Linear (fixed increment) and dynamic equivalence point titration mode and titration to endpoints
    • pH Stat titrations
    • Single and continuous measuring function
    • Formula editor for individual calculations
    • User management/password

    Latest features
    • Titrations with the new photometric sensor OptiLine 6
    • Dosing with up to two connected piston burettes per method
    • Titration with external piston burette

    Scope of delivery:
    Basic unit without magnetic stirrer and without exchangeable head, with keyboard, hand controller, stand rod and titration clamp Z 305, power supply 100-240 V

    We provide 3 years warranty

  • Specifications
    Measuring input analog pH/mV-input with 24 bit transducer. Electrode socket according to DIN 19 262 or BNC with RFID receiver for SI Analytics ID electrodes
    Measuring range pH/accuracy - 3.0… 18.00 / 0.002 +/- 1 digit
    Measuring range mV/accuracy - 2000…2000/ 0.1 +/- 1 digit
    Measuring input µA:  μA-connector for double platinum electrodes, connection: 2 x 4 mm - sockets), polarisation voltage variably adjustable
    Measuring input temperature:  Connector for Pt 1000 / NTC 30 KOhm ( connection: 2 x 4 mm - sockets)
    Measuring range temperature Pt 1000 - 75…195 °C    / NTC 30 KOhm - 40 …125 °C
    Interfaces:  3 × USB (2 x USB-A and 1 × USB-B), 2 × RS-232-C and 1 x LAN
    Interchangeable burettes  5, 10, 20 ml or 50 ml intelligent interchangeable burette units
    Resolution (Steps):  20.000 steps
    Dosing accuracy: according to DIN ISO 8655, part 3:
    accuracy: < 0.15 %
    precision: < 0.05 - 0.07 % (in dependence of the used burette size)
    Display 3.5 inches - 1/4 VGA TFT graphic color display with 320 x 240 pixels
    Housing material Polypropylene
    Dimensions 15.3 x 45 x 29.6 cm (W x H x D), height with interchangeable head
    Front keyboard Polyester coated
    Material interchangeable burettes Valve: PTFE/ETFE;
    Cylinder: borosilikate glass 3.3 (DURAN®)
    hoses (FEP, blue) 
    Weight 2.3 kg for basic device, 3.5 kg für complete device with interchangeable head (with empty reagent bottle) 
    Ambient conditions Ambient temperature: + 10 ... + 40 °C for operation and storage Humidity according to EN 61 010, Part 1: max. relative humidity 80 % for temperatures up to 31 °C, linear decrease down to 50 % relative humidity at a temperature of 40 °C
    Power supply: 100-240 V; 50/60 Hz, power input: 30 VA
    CE-sign:  EMC compatibility according to the Council Directive: 2004/108/EG; applied harmonized standards: EN 61326-1:2006
    Low-voltage directive according to the Council Directive 2006/95/EG Testing basis EN 61 010, Part 1