Spectrophotometer photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS - WTW

Spectrophotometer photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS - WTW

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  • Description

      Upgrade your photoLab® to reap the rewards!

    Innovative and well-proven - Optical reagent-free (OptRF) and routine analysis!

    The spectrophotometer photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS offers the universal use from well-proven routine analysis to spectral analysis with pioneering procedure OptRF for reagent-free measurement of COD, Nitrate and Nitrite. Furthermore, important parameters such as UVT and SAC as well as comprehensive color measurement are supported. Being light-weighted and optionally powered by standard car battery, photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS can be operated On-site easily.

    • OptRF for standard parameters COD, NO3, NO2 in the outlet of sewage plants
    • Menu-guided operation
    • Multi-step AQA
    • Application support from chlorophyll to wine
    • Comprehensive programming opportunities

    The future has arrived: Optical reagent-free measurement of COD, nitrate and nitrite (OptRF)

    • Faster than the fastest digestion
    • No costs, as no reagents or chemicals required
    • Check of measurement range
    • Environmentally friendly and no health hazards

    COD, nitrate and nitrite

    For the standard parameters COD, nitrate and nitrite, a spectrum in the UV range is evaluated by means of complex algorithms which are based on reference spectra. The result is put out directly as concentration reading, without the use of reagents. No potassium dichromate, no digestion - for quick testing. The composition of the water (matrix) is important for this value determination, since water is not equal to water.


    The OptRF-methods are currently being developed for sewage plant outlets. They can be optimized for the respective municipal waste water matrix by user calibration via reference values performed with standard procedures like test kits. Depending on the composition of surface waters, the methods can be used here as well after testing and verifying with reference procedures.

    OptRF: How does it work? Can I use it? What do I have to consider? Have a look into our OptRF testing procedure.

    UVT and SAC

    For the UV-Disinfection as well as for monitoring of organic pollution these two parameters constantly gain importance: 5 programs with and without turbidity correction are offered. You will find all important information about SAC in the following article as part of the photometry dictionary: "SAC is not equal to SAC".

    Well-proven routine analysis and wide-ranging application support

    Simple measuring: photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS from 190 – 1100 nm supports the fastest and affordable routine analytics by using barcoded test kits and round and rectangular cuvettes just like the VIS version photoLab® 7100. More than 250 methods are available for water analytics, galvanics and general lab analytics.

    Environmental parameters such as chlorophyll and application procedures for the food and beverage industry are supported by programmed methods and comprehensive programming options. With ist multi-wavelength, spectral and kinetics measurements this meter is suitable for mixed applications as well as research.

    photoLab® color: Color measurement instead of color perception

    The optional PC software photoLab® color + Data spectral offer comprehensive color measurement and convenient data management.

  • Specifications
    Wavelength Range 190 - 1100 nm
    Optics Monochromator with Grating and step motor / reference beam
    Lamp Wolfram-Halogen 
    Display Farbdisplay 7" backlit
    Bandwidth 4 nm
    Measurement  Concentration, Absorbance, % Transmission, Kinetics and Spectra in Abs or  %Transmission, Multiwavelengths and multistep readings
    Scan speed 700-2000 nm/min,  Scans in 1, 2, 5, 10 nm steps of wavelength range
    Wavelength accuracy/reproduceability ± 1 nm / < 0,5 nm
    Photometric accuracy/reproduceability - 0,003 E for E < 0,600; 0,5% of values for 0,600 < E < 2,000
    Photometric linearity < 1 % for A ≤ 2.000 in the range 340 ... 900 nm
    Straylight < 0,1 %T at 220 nm with NaI, < 0.05 % transmission at 340 and 408 nm with cut-off filter
    Barcode Automatic method recognition including measurement range for all cuvette
    Cuvette 16 mm round, rectangular 10 mm, 20 mm, 50 mm with automatic cell detection for automatic measurement range setting
    Data storage 5000 meausrement values, spectra and kinetics approx. 40 MB => 500 spectra (300-900 nm) and 400 kinetics with 150 measurement values, 
    Methods and Profiles > 250 pre-programmed methods, 1000 user-defined methods, profiles for kinetics and spectra, comprehensive programming options
    Interface / Update 1 USB-A, 1 USB-B, 1 Ethernet / Update via Internet and USB-Stick
    IP Class IP 30 including drainage in optical compartment 
    Power Supply Universal power supply, optional supply via standard adaptor cable for car batteries
    Temperature Range Operation: +10°C bis +35°C, Storage: -25°C bis +65°C
    Weight / Dimensions approx. 4,5 kg / 404 x 197 x 314 (BxHxT)
    Accessories PC software photoLab® Data spectral+photoLab® color, field case, checking tools for AQA


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