WTW - IDS wireless modules

WTW - IDS wireless modules

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    Wireless meausurement of pH, ORP, oxygen,conductivity, turbidity
    IDS goes Wireless – Unleash your sensors!

    Put your wireless module on your IDS plug head sensor, confirm the connection – done! Put your module at your desired sensor or use a separate one for each of your sensors.

    IDS goes Wireless – Start and save your measuring directly at the sensor!

    No cables, no tugging, full flexibility in all areas where cables or meters would disturb, even under laboratory hoods or laminar flow benches.

    Smart meter module

    The module at the meter works depending on its number of channels with up to three sensors simultaneously!

    Small is beautiful: Cascadable USB charger for sensor modules. For charging of modules with or without electrode connected. Suitable for wall mounting!

    Complete kit: WTW offers a kit consisting of wireless module for sensor and meter (one of each), USB charger and universal USB power supply.

    Wireless ready meters

    The following portables are wireless ready: pH 3310 IDS, Oxi 3310 IDS, Multi 3310 IDS, Multi 3510 IDS, Multi 3620 IDS, Multi 3630 IDS. In the laboratory benchtop lines inoLab® 9310 and inoLab® 9620 IDS und 9630 IDS are wireless ready.

    IDS WLM Kit: Kit consisting of one of each IDS WLM-S, IDS WLM-M and WLM Charger including USB power supply for wireless operation of IDS plug head sensors.
    IDS WLM-S: Wireless module for IDS plug head sensors for radio transmission of measurement values. Includes rechargeable LiPo-battery. Splash water protected acccording IP 66.
    WLM Charger: Charger without external power supply for charging IDS WLM-S modules, with USB plug, cascadable (uo to five units), with USB cable. For charging via PC (USB 3.0) or external USB power supply.
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  • Software

    ProfiLine 3310, 3320, MonoLine 3310 IDS - Firmware Update - V1.67

    Because of continuous improvement of internal performance we always recommend using the latest firmware version. This update solves a problem in the calibration history. Please note: When installed except the current calibration the history will be deleted, if necessary, please make a copy!

    Firmware version after successful update:

    pH 3310 V1.29
    pH 3310 IDS V2.07
    Cond 3310 V1.34
    Cond 3310 IDS V2.06
    Oxi 3310 V1.26
    Oxi 3310 IDS V2.12
    Oxi 3315 V2.10
    pH/ION 3310 V1.06
    pH/Cond 3320 V1.09
    Multi 3320 V1.09
    Multi 3310 IDS V2.15

    Download and installation notes:

    The cable for the serial USB interface is part of the delivery.

    Version history – innovations

    General optimizations and minor bug fixes

    General optimizations and minor bug fixes

    General optimizations and minor bug fixes

    -Update recommended; solves a problem with oxygen measurement of the last version.

    -Update recommended; solves a problem with oxygen measurement of the last version.

    -Solves a problem when switching the meters on or off: If the meter does not turn on, first perform a reset: Please press simultaneously “Menu – Enter” and “On/Off”, this will boot the meter automatically (without losing data).

    MultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS/3630 IDS, inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS/9630 IDS - Firmware Update IDS WLM-M V3.01

    Download and installation notes:

    Before installation please read the instruction manual.
    System Requirements:
    Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Version history – innovations:

    V3.01: Allows the conventional operation of OxiTop®-IDS heads which had been working at an IDS Gate.
    V3.00: Update for connecting OxiTop®-IDS measuring heads

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