portable analoge pH meter HL 100 - SI

portable analoge pH meter HL 100 - SI

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  • Description

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    Analog Portables pH/ORP
    Old order no. Old model New order no. New model
    285202370 HandyLab 100/K 2AA310 pH 3310
    285204500 HandyLab 100 ROUTINE 2AA310 + 103642 pH 3310 + SenTix® 81
    285204510 HandyLab 100 FIELD 2AA312 pH 3310 Set 2
    285204520 HandyLab 100 VERSATILE 2AA310 + 285101290 pH 3310 + A 7780 NTC30-DIN-N

    The HandyLab 100 is a precise, robust and easy to use pH portable meter which increases the measuring speed and accuracy thanks to the AutoRead and the CMC function
    AutoRead displays when the measuring value is stabile and eliminates the risk of a premature
    reading of the faulty measuring value. CMC (Continuous Measurement Control) visualizes whether the
    measuring value is still within the calibration limits. Having storage capacity for up to 200 data sets,
    stored data can be viewed.

  • Specifications
    measuring range 0 ... 200 μS/cm. 0 ... 2000 μS/cm. 0 ... 20 mS/cm. 0 ... 500 mS/cm. automatic measuring range switching
    Display Graphic LCD Display. 128 x 64 pixel, backlid
    storage 4000
    channels 1
    protection IP40
    interface USB
    Power supply external power supply 5 V DC of 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz. power input: 5 Watt


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