Refractometer Calibration Oil, 1.47-1.56 RI | Bellingham + Stanley

Refractometer Calibration Oil, 1.47-1.56 RI | Bellingham + Stanley

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  • Description

    For refractometer performance verification, traceable to NIST/ICUMSA 

    Calibration Oils from Bellingham + Stanley come in boxes of 5. They are organic compounds that cover the range 1.47 -1.56 Refractive Index and cover the top end of the Brix scale. These Calibration Oils have a shelf-life of 12-months. They are ideal for calibrating refractometers that have temperature control in both food and industrial applications.

    Sold as a pack of 5.

    • 5 x 5ml glass bottle
    • plastic pipette
    • 12-months shelf life
    • Traceable to NIST
    • Supplied with UKAS certificate of calibration
    • Value to 5-decimal places
    • Uncertainty (k=2)  BSLP & BSDC +/-0.000074 RI
    • Uncertainty (k=2)  BSDD:  +/-0.000103 RI

    The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is one of the signatories to the International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (ILAC) Arrangement for the mutual recognition of calibration certificates, such as NVLAB in the USA or DAkkS in Germany. Check Bellingham + Stanley’s calibration page for more information about recognition in your region.

    Calibration Oils may be purchased via our online shop or through our network of global distributors. 

  • Specifications
    Code Type Value RI Value °Brix
    90-525 BSLP 1.46990 71.81
    90-531 BSDC-B 1.53632 96.61
    90-535 BSDD 1.56138 --.--

    Certificate: UKAS (ISO17025)
    Uncertainty: ±0.000074 RI
    (k=2) ±0.030 Brix
    (BSDD) (±0.000103 RI)
    Shelf Life: 12 months (minimum)
    Storage: Room temperature (keep sealed)
    Traceability: ICUMSA, NIST