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Low Volume Metal Polarimeter tubes | Bellingham + Stanley

  • SKU: 35-74
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  • Description

    Sample entry and exit is via UNF 28 female threads and PTFE pipe connectors, 1 with a Luer Swagelok® fitting for sample application using a syringe. Sample may be syringed into or pumped through the tube as part of an automated sampling system. Due to the close proximity of the entry & exit ports, the 5mm tubes are supplied with fixed luer-taper nozzles.

    Our polarimeter tubes are manufactured to the highest standards conforming to ICUMSA recommendations and are compatible with most makes of polarimeter. Tube ends are precision ground with windows made from specially selected low strain silica in order to achieve the highest accuracy optical rotation measurement across UV, Vis and NIR wavelengths. 

    • Precision engineered
    • Suitable for ADP400 Series and ADP600 Series polarimeters

    Available in:

    • 5 x 5mm with volume of 0.1 ml 
    • 5 x 10 mm with volume of 0.2 ml
    • 5 x 25 mm with volume of 0.5 ml
    • 5 x 50 mm with volume of 1.0 ml
  • Specifications
    General Specifications
    Code 35-74
    Tube Material Stainless steel
    End Cap Material Stainless steel
    Inlet/Outlet  luer taper
    Length 5 mm
    Collar Size 30 mm (ICUMSA Standard)
    Internal Diameter 5 mm
    Volume 0.1 ml
    Window Material Silica
    Transmission 300-900 nm

    Spare Parts
    Window (Cover Glass) 35-80
    Washers 35-81
    XPC Adaptor 35-97