Automatic Titrators

The product portfolio of automatic titrators ranges from the simple auomatic titrator TitroLine® 5000 up to the TitroLine® 7800 with sample changer TW 7200 / TW 7450 and TitriSoft software for complex titration tasks. The TitroLine® 5000 is the first choice if you are looking for a very easy-to-use automatic titrator for an application. The TitroLine® 5000 includes a single burette with 20 or 50 ml where the TitroLine® 7000, 7500 KF, 7750 and the 7800 works with easy exchangeable burette heads with a size of 5, 10, 20 and 50.

The TitroLine® 7000 is the ideal starting device for all potentiometric titrations with potential for expansion and automation. The Titroline® 7750 is the all-rounder for both potentiometric titration and volumetric KF titration. The TitroLine® 7750 combines the features of the potentiometric titrator TitroLine® 7000 and the volumetric Karl Fischer titrator TitroLine® 7500.

The Titroline® 7800 enhanced the universal features of the TitroLine® 7750 with an additional IDS measurement socket. Hence the TitroLine® 7800 can perform potentiometric titrations with analog and IDS electrodes up to volumetric KF titrations.

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