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IQ Analyzer for Ammonium - WTW

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  • Description

    Ammonium Analyzer for the IQ SENSOR NET

    The perfect solution for monitoring ammonium in the treatment plant effluent as well as surface water bodies - on-site analyzer for ammonium measurement in the IQ SENSOR NET:

    • Minimized reagent consumption and waste
    • Reliable results even at very low NH4 concentrations
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Easy to operate
    • Compatible with IQ SENSOR NET

    The Alyza IQ NH4 ammonium analyzer is the latest addition to the IQ SENSOR NET. It can be easily integrated into new and existing systems just as simple as a sensor. The measuring principle is based on the photometric indophenol method according to DIN 38 406, which has been a proven detection method for ammonium. Thanks to the wet chemical measurement directly in the process, Alyza IQ is the perfect solution for monitoring the treatment plant effluent as well as surface water bodies.


    • Minimized reagent consumption and waste
      Alyza IQ boasts an extremely low use of reagents - an advantage that significantly reduces operating costs and waste generation
    • Simple Service
      Regular maintenance takes only 10 minutes every 2-3 months.
    • Reliable results from low to high measuring levels
      Thanks to the new technology, Alyza IQ provides an accurate and reliable measurement over the whole range of 0.02-5.00 mg/l and 0.10250.00 mg/l NH4-N.
    • Automatic cleaning and calibration with standards
      The fully automated cleaning as well as 2-point calibration with selectable intervals ensures an exceptional degree of operational safety.
    • On-site installation
      Alyza IQ NH4 can be installed directly at the basin. This guarantees short transport distances and promptly measured values. Thanks to the climate package, the analyzer is perfectly suited for all weathers.
  • Specifications
    Measurement method Berthelot method (Indophenol method)
    Measurement range Two measuring ranges
    0.02 … 5.00 mg/l NH4-N
    0.00 … 5.00 mg/l NH4-N
    0.01 mg/l NH4-N
    ± 2 % ± 0.02 mg/l
    0.10 … 20.00 mg/l NH4-N
    0.00 … 20.00 mg/l NH4-N
    0.01 mg/l NH4-N
    ± 3 % ± 0.10 mg/l
    Sample streams/channels 1 channel
    Cleaning Automatic cleaning with cleaning solutions
    Calibration Automatic 1- and 2-point calibrations
    Operational temperature -4 ... 104 °F (-20 … +40) °C


Alyza IQ NH4

Titelseite des Flyers Alyza IQ NH4Flyer, 4 pages, German, 999300D
"Alyza IQ NH4, der sparsamste Analyzer"

Alyza IQ NH4

Cover of Product Flyer Flyer, 4 pages, English, 999300US
"Alyza IQ: The Simple choice for NH4 Analyzers"

Alyza IQ NH4

Cover of French product flyer Alyza IQ NH4Flyer, 4 pages, French, 999300FR
"Alyza IQ : Votre meilleur choix pour les analyseurs de NH4"

Alyza IQ NH4

Cover of the Polish version product flyer Flyer, 4 pages, Polish, 999300PL
"Alyza IQ: prosty wybór dla analiz NH4"

Alyza IQ NH4

Cover of the Spanish version product flyer Flyer, 4 pages, Spanish, 999300ES
"Alyza IQ: la revolución del análisis on line ya está aquí."

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