50 years of SI Analytics®

  • 11.05.2023
  • Xylem Analytics I 50 years SI Analytics®

From the electrode to the fully automatic measuring system – Innovation is always lived here

From the electrode to the fully automatic measuring system – Innovation is always lived here

On April 13, 1973, the company SCHOTT-Geräte GmbH was founded in Hofheim, Germany, as a subsidiary of the former SCHOTT Glaswerke, now SCHOTT AG, in Mainz. The company, located in the Taunus region, focused on the production of pH electrodes and glass capillary viscometers. In order to open up new markets, the product portfolio was expanded to include automatic pH meters in 1974 and viscosity meters in 1975. In 1978, titration products were introduced.
After the company moved in 2001 from Hofheim to its current headquarters in Mainz, SCHOTT-Geräte GmbH became SCHOTT Instruments in 2003 through an acquisition of Nova Analytics. Even then, the company was a pioneer in Europe with its range of digital analytical measurement technology.

In 2009, SCHOTT Instruments became SI Analytics®. SI stands for the main products sensors and instruments, and the addition of Analytics represents one of the core competencies, namely the manufacture of analytical instruments.

Today, SI Analytics® is a brand of Xylem. More than 130 employees work at the Mainz site in the areas of production, development, sales, application, product management, warehouse and shipping.

Innovation was always, and still is today, lived at SI Analytics®. The product range expands at an ever-faster pace.

SI Analytics® electrodes and probes cover all applications in the laboratory, field, and process.

pH is the most commonly measured parameter in aqueous systems. SI Analytics® offers a wide range including pH electrodes for special applications..

The titration product portfolio ranges from the piston burette to the complex titration system with sample changer and PC control.

Titrator TitroLine® 7800 with interchangeable attachment and sample changer TW 7200
Titration is a quantitative analytical method for determining the concentration of substances and is used in all areas of chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmacy, food and beverage industry, as well as in environmental analysis.

The viscometry product portfolio for the measurement of Newtonian fluids ranges from capillary viscometers for handheld measurements to automatic samplers for fully automated measurements.

Viscosity measurement system with AVS® 370 for measuring polymer solutions. Among other things, viscosity measurement is used for quality control of plastics by determining the quality parameters viscosity number or intrinsic viscosity.


Today, in the anniversary year 2023, SI Analytics® is a brand of Xylem Analytics Germany and this in turn is a part of Xylem Inc, a global company focused on solving the world's most challenging and fundamental water issues. Open communication and sharing are firmly embedded in the DNA of all employees and are key to creativity and innovation.

The globally active SI Analytics® brand stands for sensors and precise analytical measurement technology. A national and international sales network enables customers from the laboratory, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and industrial markets to be competently advised and supported.

Always focusing on the future – the employees in Mainz are looking forward to the next 50 exciting years, always searching for innovative products and new markets.