Bellingham + Stanley launch DSG Series Density Meters

  • 05.04.2022
  • Bellingham + Stanley

Bellingham + Stanley launch DSG Series Density Meters

Bellingham + Stanley launch DSG Series Density Meters

Bellingham + Stanley is pleased to announce the arrival of the DSG Series Density Meters for measuring the specific gravity of solutions. The measurement of specific gravity is commonplace throughout industry; from raw material testing to multiple instrument experiments within food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and general industrial processes.

Comprised of two instruments with varying measurement accuracy, the DSG Series offers flexibility for your laboratory. The DSG40 has a density measurement accuracy to 4 decimal places, whilst the DSG50 offers a higher specification resolving to 5 decimal points (g/cm3). The versatility of the DSG Series is evident through its METHODS system, common throughout Bellingham + Stanley’s range of RFM refractometers and ADP Polarimeters. The METHODS system allows users to adapt to sample measurement with a collection of predetermined selections. DSG Series results can be expressed as Brix, % alcohol (w/w or v/v) as well as specific gravity (20/20 or 25/25) with the potential for even more application specific methods to be introduced over time.

The new instruments follow the same design philosophy of Bellingham + Stanley’s world renowned RFM refractometers and ADP polarimeters. Simple. Reliable. Precise

Welcoming Design and Connectivity

The common design language used throughout Bellingham + Stanley’s high-quality engineering means that the DSG Series Density Meters not only sport a great touchscreen, but also fast networking abilities, USB functionality and more.

Users familiar with Bellingham + Stanley products will recognise how the simple, bright, 7” colour-coded touchscreen makes reading and configuration simple, even when wearing PPE gloves. Those new to the system will be blown away by the ease of use, whether that be during configuration or taking readings. For a more traditional method of operation and to aid accessibility, DSG Series Density Meters are fully operable with optional mouse and keyboard.

Sample application is made using a Luer-lock syringe and to avoid erroneous readings caused by entrapped air, an onboard detection system warns users of any possible issues.  A window above the detector cell provides for a final check of the sample application to help ensure measurement validity.

To facilitate measurement, DSG Density Meters utilise the oscillating u-tube principle. Using a secondary oscillator allows the instrument to monitor and adapt to long-term instrument drifts and environmental influences, meaning calibration can hold and be relevant for a long time. Results are displayed in less than 15 seconds, depending on the mode selected, whilst smart temperature stabilisation helps provide the most accurate results in super-fast time.

Peltier temperature control is used to ensure stablisation before analysis, whilst a powerful internal air pump, humidity sensor, and integrated desiccant means the DSG Series has no need for external devices for venting after cleaning, so your precious bench space isn’t taken up by needless peripherals.

Extensive reporting and security features within the instrument’s user-friendly menu ensures auditability and data integrity when choosing to incorporate the instrument into any laboratory operating in accordance with GLP or FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. 

Great For a Variety of Industries

DSG Density Meters have been designed with a variety of industries in mind. From edible oils and soft drinks in food & beverage, to raw materials testing in pharmaceutical. Density measurement is key to production control and quality assurance. Used alongside complementary instrumentation from Bellingham + Stanley / Xylem, DSG Density Meters can aid in complete production control workflows. Recommended industries for use include (but are not limited to) pharmaceutical, food & beverage, alcohol (beers, wines, ciders and spirits), as well as industrial applications including acids and biodiesel.

For more information, including product specification, downloadable literature and more please visit the DSG Density Meter product page. To talk to the Bellingham + Stanley customer care team you can contact us today.