• 17.06.2020
  • WTW | Process Segment

Fast support during Corona – on site and in the factory

Fast support during Corona – on site and in the factory

Despite the restrictions imposed in recent months, sales and service were able to support our customers quickly and competently. An example:

The sewage treatment plant “Zweckverbands Abwasserbeseitigung Kahlgrund (ZAK)” in Germany had made a maintenance request to our sales representative Christopher Müller. Due to the reduced staffing level of the plant caused by the corona crisis, the routine cleaning and checking of the spectral sensor could not be carried out by the operator. However, the proper operation of the sensor is important for the plant for monitoring the nitrate values in the denitrification. While complying with all customer and company regulations, Mr. Müller completed the work at the sewage treatment plant the very next day.

The customer was naturally very satisfied with these rapid reaction times: "The fact that you were able to help so quickly and competently despite the current difficult conditions is really impressive. We ourselves know how difficult this is at the moment. Please also send our best regards to the colleagues in the head quarters in Weilheim. We are currently receiving very good support from there as well.”