More News about Turbidity, the turbidimeters Turb® 750 IR and Turb® 750 T

  • 15.02.2021
  • Susanne Gollor

More News about Turbidity and the turbidimeters Turb® 750 IR and Turb® 750 T

More News about Turbidity and the turbidimeters Turb® 750 IR and Turb® 750 T

Our customers are convinced of the new Turb® 750 Series for their daily tasks: No matter if found its way into fruit juice industries, drinking water or other applications. Turb® 750 IR / T perform with a smashing price/performance ratio! They provide the superb optics of Turb® 430 with the intelligent value check (IRPC) together with significantly enhanced calibration and AQA to support even more applications plus offering a wide range of data transfer and LIMS connection.

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Turb 750 T for only € 2.430,-- instead of 2.860,--
Turb 750 IR for only € 2.390,-- instead of  2.815,--

No matter if you are our regular customer with a former Turb® instrument, a user of other brands and models or a new interested customer: Take the chance of our promotion for an excellent turbidity measurement!

All you need to know about Turbidity: Tips & Tricks
Since turbidity is a very interesting and “unorthodox” parameter to be measured with a variability of ± 10% and more: Find some hints and learn about limits of the measurement principle and reach of best accuracy, standards and advantages from vial indexing versus pre-marked vials. Download our presentation with Tips and Tricks here!

More Features
To make work still easier, we continuously enhance features and tools for Turb® 750 Series:

  • The new easy and comfortable data transfer to PC directly into Excel with our Multilab-Importer via USB cable: Either for single data transfer via PRINT-key or complete/filtered data sets from instruments into XLS. Multilab-Importer has been updated for use with Turb® 750 Series, Turb® 430 Series and pHotoFlex® Series and can be downloaded for free at the product pages.

  • Optional setting for a resolution of 0.001 NTU/FNU below 1 NTU/FNU: Despite this option consider, that formazine standards alone result in a high variability as natural limit with this measurement principle: Thus we recommend to optimize your measuring procedure instead. Then you will reach best, reliable and reproducible results with no effort at all. Beside manuals see also Tips and Tricks!
  • We are working on IQOQ documents for Turb® 750 Series momentarily: so more enhancements coming soon, announced in our newsletters.

  Download: Turbidity: An interesting parameter

  Download: Flyer Turb 750