Turbidimeter Turb® 750 IR

Turbidimeter Turb® 750 IR

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  • Description

    NEW: Sample-ID via Barcode 
    More information in the news. 

    WTW Turb® 750 IR fulfills the demands of many lab and industrial applications for a AQA supported turbidity measurement up to 1100 FNU/NTU. With the Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility-Check (IRPC) reliable findings are proven.

    Measurement conforming to standards in drinking water, lab and industrial applications.

    WTW Turb® 750 IR measures nephelometrically according to DIN EN ISO 7027-1 up to 1100 NTU/FNU with AQA support and PC documentation:

    • Well proven WTW® optics with fast data output
    • Multiple measurement and data evaluation with Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility Check (IRPC)
    • Bench-saving despite comprehensive functionality
    • Invincible price-/performance ratio

    Turbidity stands for an indicator parameter on quality in drinking water, waste water process and many industrial applications. The measurement is support by:

    • Measurement procedure fulfilling DIN EN ISO 7027-1 *)
    • Function keys
    • Comfortable menu-guided 3-point standard calibration
    • Flexible calibration with 2-5 user-defined calibration points
    • QuickCAL: 1-point-calibration at 10 NTU
    • AQA, calibration interval and records with PC-documentation

    *) For drinking water measurement acc. to  US EPA 180.1 Turb® 750 T is the appropriate instrument.

    More informationen can you find in the news

    More informationen in: "Turbidity An interesting parameter - Brief Overview, Measurement Tips & Tricks" and
    in our video: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW4Mk0IrOww"

  • Specifications
    Light source  LED  830-890 nm acc. to DIN EN ISO 7027-1
    acc. to standard methods DIN EN ISO 7027-1, DIN 38404
    Modes Nephelometric (scattering 90°)
    Display Backlit graphics display 160x104
    Keypad Foil keypad with tactile feedback alphanumeric entry option
    Range 0-1100 FNU/NTU
    Units FNU/NTU
    Resolution (Measurement resolution max. 0,02 NTU due to natural scattering of water; digital resolution >0,02 if optional ) 0,01 for 0,00 -9,99, 0,1 for 10 – 99,90, 1 for 100 - 1100
    Accuracy NTU/FNU 0.01 NTU/FNU or +/- 2% of finding
    Repeatability < 0.5% of finding
    Reading modes Findings with Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility Check (IRPC),
    rapid settlement samples supported by quick response time and IRPC
    Response time 4 sec 
    Calibration - options Automatic 3-P Kal, (Default),  2-5 P user calibration, QUICKCal
    Calibration protocol and interval setting yes / yes
    AQS-Support Calibration protocol and interval setting, AQA flag, Cal flag 
    Data storage 2500 data sets with Cal protocol, AQA flag, GLP comliant data management with LIMS-connection
    Sample Identification yes - alphanumeric 
    Air Purge no
    Firmware-Update yes via USB
    Interface RS 232, USB, Printer via PC or RS232
    Storage condition instrument  - 25 °C ... + 65 °C (13-149 °F)
    Operating Temperature Range +5 °C ... +55 °C (41-131 °F) with power plug connected: +5 °C ... +40 °C  (41-104 °F)
    Data management GLP-compliant incl. PC software USB, RS232 Turb® Data
    Dimensions (H x W x D) ca. 290 x 190 x 80 mm
    Weight 1,1 kg
    Calibration Standards Longterm stable Cal.Kits for standard 3-P calibration; 0,02-10-1000; FNU/NTU; Polymer AMCO® Clear standards: longterm stability, higly precise, optimized to optics, production accuracy ± 1%,  non-hazardous 
    Vials , Sample Volume Vials 28 mm diameter, volume min. 15 ml; Borosilicate, cap: phenolic resin, PTFE coated sealing gasket.; NO SILICON OIL to cover scratches required for measurement procedure!
    Sample conditions sample temperature < 70°C (158°F)
    Power supply Wide range power supply with plugs for Euro, US, UK and Australia
    Certificates CE
    Delivery Lab turbidimeer Turb® 750 IR; 4 batteries 1,5 V Typ AA; Wide range power supply; cable USB-A to USB-B mini; 6 empty vials, sticker for orientation marking; Cal.Kit Turb® 430/750 IR; Cloth, quick guide, compact operation manual, CDROM with extended manual, CDROM with PC software Turb® Data; Inspection protocol