• 25.08.2020
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New chlorine analyzer from WTW

New chlorine analyzer from WTW

The easy way to measure free and total chlorine

The 3017M is simple and requires low maintenance, with the Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), factory calibration and simplified tubing. Low reagent use reduces maintenance frequency and duration. The analyzer can operate as a standalone unit or be integrated into WTW’s IQ Sensor Net system of online controllers, analyzers and sensors for better visibility and control of your process.

  • Accurate and reliable - Measures free or total chlorine in drinking water or municipal wastewater final effluent using the DPD colorimetric method. This highly accurate method of analysis provides reliable data for process optimization and reporting.
  • Low maintenance – Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) simplifies maintenance and saves you time. Simplified tubing and low reagent use reduce the frequency of instrument maintenance.
  • Factory calibrated – Eliminates the need for regular calibration.
  • ISO & EPA compliant – The 3017M measurement method conforms with standard method 4500-CL-G, US EPA method 334.0, and the ISO method 7393-2, which makes it suitable for drinking water permit reporting worldwide. In addition, the 3017M is compliant with US EPA regulations 40 CFR 141.74 (drinking water) and 40 CFR 136.3 (wastewater)
  • Process Control - Two configurable relays that you can connect to a PLC to automate and control chemical dosing process.

Fields of application

Primary applications include:

  • Monitoring residual chlorine in drinking water for process optimization, alarming and reporting.
  • Disinfection control, monitoring dechlorination and process optimization in wastewater.

Secondary applications include:

  • Monitoring chlorine levels in cooling towers to control corrosion and slime/algae build up.
  • Monitoring chlorine levels in aquaculture and aquatic habitats to protect aquatic ecosystems.

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Cover (English) Flyer of WTW's Chlorine 3017M  
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