• 15.04.2021
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Quality Control Instrumentation for the food and beverage industry

Quality Control Instrumentation for the food and beverage industry

Xylem’s global brands have served the food & beverage market for over a century and continue to provide users with reliable, precise and user friendly products. Xylem offers deep application expertise from decades of leading innovation with products, systems and services that address the full cycle of food and beverage production.

Collaborating with our customers and end users allows Xylem’s teams to listen, learn and adapt to local environments, delivering meaningful solutions to more than 150 countries worldwide.

What can Xylem do for you?

Xylem’s analytical involvement spans across the food and beverage cycle. Our brands supply instruments used for monitoring the water needed to irrigate the crops we grow in the field, within the production and cold chain distribution processes right through to the consumer. Quality control, food safety and efficient processing is paramount at every stage; Xylem helps satisfy this need.

Our downloadable brochure, “Quality Control Instrumentation for the food and beverage industry” details specific application areas including raw materials, processing and packaging, cold chain and fleet management, and retail and catering. 

Did you know, for instance, that YSI’s highly accurate biosensor technology is used for the measurement of sugars in stored potatoes and tomatoes? Or that refractometers and polarimeters from Bellingham + Stanley are used for accurate and reproducible quality control within flavours and essences. Capillary viscometers from SI Analytics are commonly found within the food and beverage industry; especially in the edible oils and gelatine processing sectors, showing that every little step of the way Xylem offers methods to aid quality control through analysis and measurement.

Throughout the beer and wine industry instruments from Xylem are widely used. Farmers continuously monitor the sugar content of fruit with a handheld refractometer so they know when to harvest at the perfect time for delivery to the cooperatives. These cooperatives will usually pay against quantity (weight) and quality of the must, which is then measured with an accurate benchtop refractometer.

Brewing beer is as popular now as it has ever been, although the means in which brewers can monitor and control quality are far more advanced than before. The automatic determination of alpha acids in hop extracts using titration is of utmost importance for the consistency of flavour in beers, whilst handheld refractometers are used to control the entire "mash" or "wort" before fermentation using a scale set to specific gravity (SG). 

Of course we can’t talk about Xylem without mentioning water, and within food & beverage turbidity is an important parameter to measure and monitor when looking for quality assurance of drinking water. Since particles offer a potential surface to bacterial growth, turbidity can easily indicate bacterial contamination. Turbidimeters from WTW are already helping customers worldwide conform to standards within drinking water.

Download the new brochure today

Download the latest 2021 revision of our food and beverage industry brochure today and discover many more fascinating ways in which Xylem help customers with their specific needs.

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For more information about how Xylem helps with monitoring and quality control of the food and beverage industry visit our Application Page or contact us today.