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Analytical Instrumentation for the Dairy Industry

Experience and Expertise within food and beverage

For over a century, Xylem’s well known global brands have served the food & beverage market, including the Dairy Industry. We offer deep application expertise from decades of leading innovation with products, systems and services that address the full cycle of food and beverage production. Our products are sold into more than 150 countries, and working in true partnership with our customers, we listen, learn, and adapt to local environments – delivering solutions with more impact than ever before.

On The Farm: Raw Ingredients

diary industry instrumentation for laborXylem Analytics offers a wide range of dedicated solutions for raw milk - providing new opportunities to optimise dairy production from improving quality and safety of raw material and verification of end products.

Whenever microorganisms are added to raw milk, pH measurement helps to control the process and provides quality of the end product. For example, the pH value of yoghurt will decrease in just a few hours from pH 6,8 to pH 4,4 (equivalent to 1% lactic acid) when the fermentation will be stopped, and the product cooled for packaging. Similar processes can be seen when producing whey butter, cheese, Ice cream, milk-based smoothies, nutritional drinks and other such products. 

In The Lab: Lactose Analysis

Analysis of lactose is a critical step in milk processing. Lactose is a disaccharide composed of the monosaccharides D-glucose and D-galactose, joined in a ß-1,4-glycosidic linkage and being optically active, polarimetry provides a simple analysis. Further methodology includes mid-infrared detection, fluorometry, photometric, gravimetric detection, differential pH techniques, oxidation-reduction titration, gas/liquid chromatography, high pressure liquid chromatography and enzymatic assays; many of which are provided by Xylem brands. Our TitroLine Titrators are ideal for measuring sodium, chloride, calcium and Kjeldahl nitrogen content of certain dairy products.

Food Hygiene: Pasteurisation

Pasteurisation (the killing of microorganisms and pathogens by briefly heating food) has a major part to play within the dairy industry. Whilst data loggers are regularly associated throughout cold chain, they are also hugely important for validation within the pasteurisation process. Food hygiene regulations require the recording of pasteurization temperatures and times, this makes the EBI 12 and EBI 11 data loggers with their combination of measurement accuracy and robust build quality ideal for dairies.

Keep it Consistent: Quality Control

Simple refractometers to test for milk adulteration at point of collection at the farm or in the factory as well as for checking the °Brix of sweet additives such as jams or creams in yoghurts, donuts, and pastries.

Using YSI’s highly accurate biosensor technology, the YSI2950 Biochemistry Analyzer may measure up to 6 compatible chemistries. These include glucose, lactate, sucrose, galactose, and lactose within the dairy industry with applications varying from lactose in cheese/milk, lactate in silage, probiotic production and many more. 


Xylem Analytics is proud to offer analysers from globally recognised brands, YSI and OI Analytical. 

The YSI 2950D biochemistry analyser features highly accurate sensors for fast and reputable results. Using the inherent specificity of enzymes for a single target analyte, YSI's proprietary immobilized enzyme electrodes allow a rapid, accurate and largely interference free measurement to be made in 60 seconds.

The unique fluidics and chamber design resist clogging - even at high cell densities. Combining trusted measurement technology, and an easy-to-use graphic user interface, with the latest in automated sample handling, the YSI 2950 offers one of the easiest and cost effective was to measure chemistries including lactose and lactate.

The Flow Solution™ 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer from OI Analytical, has been designed to improve laboratory productivity by automating wet chemistry procedures. With the ability to run upwards of 30-60 samples per hour. With intuitive, Windows-compatible software that doesn't require a PhD to run, the FS 3700 simplifies the automation of wet chemistries including ammonia/TKN, nitrate/nitrite, total phosphorus, and even the occasional cyanide test. Click here to find out more


Titrators, Meters, Electrodes and More

Electrochemistry solutions from Xylem Analytics include titrators from SI Analytics, and general purpose laboratory meters, and pH electrodes from WTW.

The TitroLine® 7800 is a universal titrator with wireless IDS® technology, and a highly visible full colour display. With IDS® multifunctional measurement input the TitroLine® 7800 is able to perform potentiometric titrations with analogue or IDS® electrodes up to volumetric Karl Fischer titrations. Digital sensors for the determination of pH and ORP can be connected, as well as USB keyboards, flash drives and sample changers.

The TitroLine 5000 with salt set, is a compact titrator, perfect for routine titrations, such as for chloride analysis – allowing for any added salt water to be detected in milk. 

The SenTix® range of electrodes include low-maintenance electrodes, precision electrodes, electrodes with or without temperature sensors, analogue electrodes and digital electrodes including IDS technology. Take a look at the SenTix range here.

The inoLab® from WTW can accurately measure pH, ORP, conductivity, and DO/BOD. The inoLab features a large, easy to read display and USB connectivity. A Continuous Measurement Control (CMC) feature displays continual monitoring of the sensor's measuring range, whilst the Quality Sensor Control (QSC) monitors the condition of each pH electrode, for peace of mind.

Refractometers, Polarimeters & Density Meters

Quality Refractometer Polarimeter Manufacturers For Over 100 Years

Bellingham + Stanley offers world leading expertise in optical engineering, electronics, and software design, which has enabled them to create instruments that are used extensively throughout pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, food, drinks and dairy industries.

DSG Series density meters can be used to identify deviations in milk’s normal composition, quickly. The addition of water, for instance, will result in the decrease of its density. Due to raw milk being composed of multiple components, it is not possible to determine the concentration of one part by density alone, and that’s where Xylem’s range of analytical instrumentation comes in.

RFM300-T Series refractometers are capable of measuring non-homogenous samples, and feature three decimal place Brix precision and a high-quality touchscreen interface.

ADP400 Series polarimeters have a resolution of 0.001 angular degrees (°A) and are capable of reading to an accuracy of ±0.010 °A. When working under laboratory controlled conditions, ADP400 polarimeters also offer excellent reproducibility of up to 0.002 °A. 

Cold Chain

Thermometers and Data Loggers

ebro, a Xylem brand, specialises in designing and manufacturing high quality thermometers, data loggers, and food oil quality meters for use in medical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage - including catering and cold chain.

In food and beverage, including dairy, ebro offers handheld instruments and data loggers for the entire cold chain: from process monitoring, on transport and storage monitoring to incoming goods inspection. ebro's EN 13485 certified handheld meters support you in complying with the HACCP concept to improve food and drink safety. All food and beverage data loggers from ebro comply with EN 12830 and are therefore suitable for use in the food industry to monitor temperature.

Providing more than just products for dairy

For more information regarding any of the products you’ve read about here please take a look at our application pages or contact us today to speak to our knowledgeable customer care team. 

To learn more about the Xylem brands involved with solutions for dairy you can visit the Xylem Analytics About Us page or go to the individual websites for Bellingham + Stanley, Ebro, OI Analytical, SI Analytics, WTW and YSI.

Read about our Biogas solutions in the Real-time analysis of bmp & FOS/TAC within AD Biogas Production blog.

YSI’s guide to Analytical Methods covering food & beverage methods is a useful brochure aimed at simplifying analysis. Click here to download.

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