• 13.07.2020
  • Bellingham + Stanley

Bellingham + Stanley publish revised Tips For Quality Refractometer Results

Bellingham + Stanley publish revised Tips For Quality Refractometer Results

With over 100 years experience, Bellingham + Stanley are well positioned to give good, practical advice to refractometer users all around the world. As such, they’ve pulled together 18 Top Tips for achieving quality results from your refractometer that have been broken down into a series of bite-sized blogs for your convenience. The 18 Top Tips for getting the best of from your refractometer can be found at Bellingham + Stanley’s Borderlines blog.

Whether you’re looking for hints on buying the best refractometer for your application or wanting to learn about refractometer care and maintenance, the 18 Top Tips For Quality Refractometer Results will have something for you.

Part 1: Refractometers 101 & the need for quality control
What is a refractometer, how does it work, and how can it help with quality control?

Part 2: Choosing the right refractometer
How to choose right refractometer, understanding the effects of temperature on readings, and good GLP.

Part 3: Sample preparation & taking a reading
Learn how to apply the right amount of sample, problems to look out for, and temperature management.

Part 4: Continuously achieve accurate results through maintenance
With a focus on how you can continuously achieve accurate results through verification, calibration and general refractometer maintenance.

Bellingham + Stanley is a manufacturer of high quality digital refractometers and polarimeters with over 100 years of experience. They’re instrumentation is used globally in industries including food & beverage, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical enabling customers to expertly and reliably measure and control. To find out more, visit the Bellingham + Stanley website or contact the B+S customer care team today.