• 15.10.2019
  • Bellingham + Stanley

Bellingham + Stanley Launch Flowcell Accessories

Bellingham + Stanley Launch Flowcell Accessories

Bellingham + Stanley is pleased to announce the launch of a new line of flow-through refractometer solutions. 

Flowcell Accessories from Bellingham + Stanley provide your refractometer processes with a means of semi or fully automated sample application and prism washing, creating efficient workflows for your laboratory or factory. 

Bellingham + Stanley Flowcell Accessories are designed to work in perfect harmony with RFM300-M, RFM300-T and RFM900-T Series refractometers. This broad range of refractometer options means that you can add flow-through processes to your workflow no matter whether you’re in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical or sugar industry.

For businesses that regularly measure volatile samples, RFM Refractometers with Flowcell accessories can reduce waste, and minimise exposure by eliminating evaporation from the measuring process.

With a choice of Micro, Macro, or Funnel flowcells, you can be sure to find the right solution for your sample needs.

Talk to our Customer Care team today on +44 (0)1892 500 400 to find out how Bellingham + Stanley flow-through technology can help your business, or visit our Flowcell Page to learn more.