WTW New Brochure for SenTix® pH-Electrodes

  • 31.03.2023
  • Xylem Analytics I SenTix pH-Electrodes

New Brochure SenTix® pH Electrodes – Always the right Choice

New Brochure SenTix® pH Electrodes – Always the right Choice

Here you will find our analog and digital quality products for pH measurement, something about the design of pH combination and IDS electrodes, applications, technical specifications, buffer solutions and accessories - interesting facts and features about our SenTix® pH electrodes in a compact brochure.

To save resources, we do not print the advertising material and ship them around the globe. Join us and flip through our product portfolio of the pH electrodes.

pH electrodes for Laboratory and Field

For a successful pH measurement, it is important to select the appropriate pH electrode. The pH electrode directly influences the measurement results. There is a wide range of pH electrodes available for different applications.

The basic question is: What do I want to measure and with what precision?

Do you want easy and fast pH measurement, especially for mobile use? Or high accuracy measurements with short response time? Special samples require special electrodes. Small volumes, different properties, unusual composition. In this brochure, you will find the right pH electrode for your application!