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pHotoFlex® pH, pHotoFlex® STD and pHotoFlex® Turb - Update of instrument software and programs (methods) - V2.68 / V2.07

Note: After the update the photometer is only compatible with LSdata, version 4.00 or higher.

Instrument software V 2.06
Programs (methods) V 2.06 W

Download and installation notes:

The software and method data updates can be downloaded by mouse click. The files have been compressed into a zip archive (*.zip). For installation please follow the instructions below.

Download and installation
•Store the downloaded zip archive into a directory of your choice
•Decompress all files contained in the zip archive in a directory of your choice
•Double-click the pHotoFlex_V2_06_2_06W.exe file
•Subsequently, follow the instructions of the installation program

Updating the photometer via the integrated RS 232 interface requires the following equipment:
•PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and installed update program
•b AK 540/B cable (order no. 902 842) or: LabStation with interface cable

Carrying out the update:
•Connect the serial interfaces of the PC and photometer using the interface cable
•Switch on the PC and photometer
•Start the update program via the Windows start menu (…/WTW/Update pHotoFlex/Update)
•Follow the program instructions. The program automatically recognizes the connected photometer and guides you through all further steps.
After the last confirmation for the update, the new software and/or new programs are loaded into the photometer.
The entire update procedure takes approx. 4 minutes.

•If any analysis specifications were added or changed compared to the last version,
all alterations as well as the current list of all pHotoFlex programs are available as a pdf file in the Windows start menu (…/WTW/Update pHotoFlex/…)
•All analysis specifications are available under “b Operating manuals“ in the download section of this homepage
•If any problems arise, please contact our customer service personnel: Tel: +49 (0) 881/183-321.

Version history – innovations
•V 2.06 / 2.06 W:

-New Methods:
-351 (Alkalinity M-Wert, KsM-1 TT)
-352 (Alkalinity P-Wert, KsP-1 TT)

-Modified methods 43, 44, 45 (Measured value display accurate to two decimals)

•V 2.05 / 2.05 W: Standard adjustment for ALL pHotoFlex® instruments plus more test kits in the range of Powder Pillows and cell tests

pHotoLab® S6 and S12 - Methods Update - Version 39 / 41

Update of the method data for WTW Photometers photoLab® S 6, S 12 and Spektral.

Download and installation notes:

For updating the photometers via the incorporated RS 232 interface the following accessories and programmes are required:

  • PC (Win95 or higher)
    Photometer photoLab® S 6, photoLab® S 12 or photoLab® Spektral
  • PC cable AK Labor, WTW Order No. 902 758
  • Program file "UpdateMethodData.exe"
  • 6 Method Data files " pls6md.XXX", "pls12md.XXX", "plspekmd.XXX", .....
  • File "Readme.txt"

Update Procedure:

  • Connect the serial interfaces of PC and photometer using the cable AK Labor.
  • Switch on the PC and photometer.
  • Copy all files (program file and six method data files) into a subdirectory or onto a floppy disk.
  • Start the program file UpdateMethodData.exe from this subdirectory/floppy disk.
  • Now all you have to do is to follow the instructions prompted by the program. The program automatically identifies the connected photometer and is self-explanatory in its function.
  • After approval for the update has been granted, all methods are loaded into the photometer, overwriting the old ones in the process (User-defined methods are also deleted and have to be programmed again).
  • The overall method update lasts approximately 3 minutes.

Version history – innovations

39 / 41:

New program / method #236 for Sulfate
Second method for Sulfate because of a change in raw material. Please read the instructions. Old methods still available.

pHotoLab® S6 and S12 - Software Update - V4.03

Update of instrument software for WTW filter photometers (devices with serial numbers starting with 1423xxxx).

Version history – innovations

Important Bugfixing – for some instruments, the following error may occur:

-Starting the instrument, the message “Remove cell” appears even if no cell is in the meter
-Instrument start up is frozen
-With the update version V4.03, this is fixed, updates can be performed as usual

Achat OC for OxiTop®

Achat OC is a program for sampling data from a Controller OxiTop® OC 100 or OxiTop® OC 110. The Achat OC provides the measured data in csv format for subsequent processing in a spreadsheet.

For downloading the data from the controller the cable AK 540/B (order number 902842) is required, if necessary in combination with an USB-RS232 converter (order number 902881).

Download and installation notes:
System requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows Server® 2003, Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7

Datalogger WQL-pH - Firmware Update

Download and installation notes:

Please note:

Installation is recommended for users of PC software WQL-Log 2.2.
Firmware update causes logger to initialize/reset/delete all EEProm and flash data.

The necessary USB cable for connection to PC is included in the scope of delivery of the datalogger.

EtherNet/IPTM EDS file, Version 1.2

V 1.2: for Detection of the modules MIQ/MC2(-PR/-MOD), MIQ/MC3(-PR/-MOD) and the system 282/284

FDO® 925 IDS - Firmware Update - V1.06

Download and installation notes:

Please note:

•It is necessary to update the firmware of the FDO® 925 as well as the firmware of the meters (separate program - see section above).
•FDO sensor update with 3420/3430 only via channel 1.
•Please carefully follow the instructions given in the Readme pdf file.

Version history – innovations

•V1.06: Minor general optimizations

?The FDO®925 can be operated with an adjustable t90 response time function.
This function allows the adaptation of the response time of the FDO 925® to the application, e.g. measurement in an aeration tank, checking of online sensors.
?Optimized digital communication