SenTix® Rx-T 900 IDS Redox Electrode - Platinum - Pin 1 mm  - WTW

SenTix® Rx-T 900 IDS Redox Electrode - Platinum - Pin 1 mm - WTW

  • SKU: 103792
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  • Description

    SenTix® Rx-T 900 IDS Redox Electrode

    IDS - Gel Electrolyte - Platinum - Pin 1mm - Temperature Sensor - Fiber Diaphragma

    SenTix® Rx-T 900: Low-maintenance IDS Redox Electrode with gel electrolyte for Redox measurement in the lab (Platinum / Pin 1 mm)

    SenTix® Rx-T 900 will be available for order in January 2024!


    • Low-maintenance gel electrolyte
    • Robust plastic shaft
    • Plug head electrode for general use
    • Temperature sensor
    • Fiber diaphragma
    • interference prevention and fail-safe data transmission through signal conversion in the sensor
    • automatic transmission of sensor serial number and calibration record of the sensor increase data integrity
    • comprehensive support for GLP-compliant data acquisition

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  • Specifications
    SenTix® Rx-T 900
    Order no. 103792
    Membrane Platinum - Pin 1 mm
    Shaft Plastic
    Diaphragm Fiber
    Temp. sensor NTC 30 kOhm
    Reference electrolyte Gel
    Temp. range -5 … 80 °C
    Shaft length 120 mm
    Shaft diameter 12 mm
    Connection 1,5 m fixed cable with water-proof digital plug
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