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pH Handbook: A guide with helpful practical tips (PDF)

pH Handbook: A guide with helpful practical tips

In our pH handbook you will find all our expert knowledge on the subject of pH/redox. Over 100 pages you will learn practical knowledge about pH measurement and pH determination. Numerous illustrations, tables and diagrams provide clear knowledge on how to measure the pH value correctly, calibrate the pH electrode, maintain it, clean it and many other helpful tips and tricks from our experts that will make your everyday work in the laboratory and in the field easier.

pH Handbook cover


  • Basic concepts of potentiometry and pH measurement
  • Structure of pH electrodes
  • Potentiometry of the pH electrode
  • Buffer solutions and safety in pH measurement
  • Measuring equipment and measuring set-up
  • Practical pH measurement
  • Recommendations for use, maintenance and care of electrodes

Download pH handbook now!

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