WTW - IDS conductivity cell TetraCon® 925/LV with fork design

WTW - IDS conductivity cell TetraCon® 925/LV with fork design

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  • Description
    IDS conductivity measurement in pasty samples and small volumes
    IDS conductivity cells – Special measurements with proven TetraCon® technology

    - Proven four-electrode technology
    - Automatic transfer of cell constant and temperature compensation
    - Particularly suited for small samples (ca. 2.5 ml) and pasty samples
    4-electrode-IDS conductivity cell with graphite electrodes, epoxy shaft, cell constant 0.469 cm–1, fork design.
    TetraCon® 925/LV: 1.5 m fixed cable with waterproof digital connector
    TetraCon® 925/LV-P: plug head for AS/IDS-x cables or wireless modules IDS WLM-S
  • Specifications


TetraCon 925 LV (German)


TetraCon® 925 IDS, LR 925/01 IDS - Firmeware Update - V1.04

Download and installation notes:
Please carefully follow the instructions given in the Readme pdf file.

Version history – innovations:
•V1.04: Firmware update in order to improve the performance in the range below 10 µS/cm.