EX- conductivity measuring cells - WTW

EX- conductivity measuring cells - WTW

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  • Description
    Conductivity measurement in explosive areas
    Conductivity measuring cells for measuring points in explosive atmospheres (EX range, zone 1 IIC T6) – TetraCon® 700 EX with 4 electrode system:
    •Highest linearity by 4-electrode system
    •EX approved
    •High measuring range
    Analog 4-electrode conductivity measuring cell for explosive areas, with integrated temperature sensor, can be connected to StratosProA201XCond-0(-1) via open cable ends.
  • Specifications

    Measuring principle

    4 electrodes measuring cell

    Measuring Range

    10 µS/cm … 1000 mS/cm

    Cell constant

    K = 0.917cm-1, ±1.5 % (in free solution)

    Signal output


    Temperature sensor

    NTC, integrated in measuring cell

    Temperature Measurement

    0 °C … +40 °C, ±0.2 K

    Electrical Connection

    PUR connection with open wires




    Shaft: POM, conductive
    Sensor head: PVC, Epoxy (filler)
    Protection ring: POM, conductive
    Temperature sensor, electrodes: Graphite
    Protection rating: IP 68

    Weight (without cable)

    Approx. 660 g

    Explosion protection

    Ex ib IIC T6 Gb X


    2 years on defects in quality according to § 10 terms of conditions