Analog pH/ORP armature - WTW

Analog pH/ORP armature - WTW

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  • Description
    Analog pH/ORP aramture to assemble SensoLyt® electrodes
    SensoLyt® – pH/ORP armature with lightning protection, integrated preamplifier and temperature sensors as well as self-diagnostic function:
    •Safe operation by sensor check function for glass breakage detection
    •Reliable measured values thanks to integrated temperature sensor
    •Save time due to the simple measuring chain replacement
    The system concept of the SensoLyt® series consists of one fitting and the matching pH/ORP measuring chain. The unlimited number of possible combination of fittings and measuring chains for the different measuring ranges allows the correct solution for every application. The robust design, the integrated temperature sensor and the automatic self diagnosis ensure a safe operation and reliable measured results.

    SensoLyt® 700
    The standard fitting SensoLyt® 700 contains a preamplifier and a temperature sensor. The signal transfer is therefore possible even across long cable stretches. In case of glass breakage, the automatic monitoring of the pH measuring chain (SensCheck) generates a message on the connected pH monitor.
    Only as replacement armature for analog monitors of the Ecoline® or QuadroLine® series. Still available as digital version (IQ SENSOR NET System 181).

    SensoLyt® 690
    You expect the performance of the SensoLyt® 700 and can live without automatic self diagnosis. Then benefit from the price advantage of the SensoLyt® 690.
    Only as replacement armature for analog monitors of the Ecoline® or QuadroLine® series.

    SensoLyt® 650
    The model SensoLyt® 650 is designed as a passive fitting without preamplifier for the high ohm measuring process. The fitting is connected directly to the high ohm input of the WTW ph monitor pH 298 NTC.
  • Specifications
    Integrated preamplifier Yes
    Signal output Low ohm
    SensCheck function Yes
    Temperature measurement Integrated NTC
    0 … +60 °C
    Operating temperature 0 … +60 °C
    Electrical connection Screw plug