Portable samplers with hose pump technology

Portable samplers with hose pump technology

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  • Description

    Portable sampler with 12 x 1L or 24 x 0,5L sample bottles

    For small dose volumes with compact design – the portable sampler PB 25 S with hose pumpe and different sample fractioning:

    • Compact design
    • Time/volume/event/flow and combined sampling
    • starting already at 5 ml dosing volume

    The portable sampler PB 25 S with hose pump technology and built-in battery pack is available for fractioned samples via round distributors to 12 x 1 l or 24 x 0.5 l sampling containers. The contact-free water detection (optional) is connected to the controller and you can precisely sample waters with very low and high conductivity.

  • Specifications




    Sampling method

    Peristaltic pump

    Sampling fractioning

    12 x 1 l

    24 x 0.5 l


    10 ml to 25,000 ml, depending on the chosen bottle volume,
    otherwise adjustable

    Operating temperature

    +32 ... +104 °F (0 ... +40 °C)

    Suction height

    6 m

    Suction tube

    PVC, 20 m long, 9 mm Ø


    5 freely parameterizable application programs,
    up to 6 programs can be connected to a sequence

    Data logging

    2 MB EEPROM data storage, ring buffer for results and errors


    PUR (Polyurethan)

    Wetted materials

    Suction hose: PVC

    Pump hose : silicone

    Hose coupling: PA

    Inlet pipe: PVC

    Distributor: PS

    Suction piece: V2A (1.4305/AISI303)

    Water detection: contactless (inner pipe PVC)

    Bottles: HDPE or glass

    Dimensions (D x H)

    37 cm x 59 cm

    36 cm x 69 cm


    12 kg

    19 kg

    Power supply

    Lead-gel battery 12 V DC / 8 Ah



    Protection Rating

    IP 65 (with protective cover)


    2 years on defects in quality according to § 10 terms of conditions