Filter photometer photoLab® S6 - WTW

Filter photometer photoLab® S6 - WTW

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  • Description

    Simply measure!
    photoLab® S6 with reference beam optics has 6 wavelengths for quick tests with 16 round cells.
    Place cell, read result, done! Approx. 100 programs via barcode recognition. Optional photoLab® S6-A with recheargable batteries for onsite measurements.
    • Barcode recognition for 16 mm round cells
    • AQA/IQC multi-level
    • Easy to operate and maintenance-free

    The meter with self check is easy and simple to use in routine analysis. It is mainly used in water analysis, galvanics and food and beverage industries. It is particularly suitable for:
    • occasional measurements of standard parameters
    • series examinations with very big test throughput at highest speeds

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  • Specifications
    Applications / Application fields Routine measurements in waste and drinking water, field use optional
    Wavelengths 340, 445, 525, 550, 605, 690 nm
    Opticalsystem Filter/reference beam
    Custom methods no
    Cuvettes Round 16 mm