Filter photometer photoLab® S6 - WTW

Filter photometer photoLab® S6 - WTW

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  • Description

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    Our worldwide proven and popular filter photometers are sold out and were transferred to the modern spectrophotometer series photoLab® 7000 with all its advantages at the request of the customer and due to extended customer requirements:

    The proven methodology for comprehensive routine analysis in water, electroplating, university-, service- and industrial-laboratories with maximum convenience and minimum costs is thereby still available!

    • Barcode support for round and rectangular cells
    • Automatic cuvette recognition of all used cuvettes
    • Automatic change of measuring range by cuvette recognition
    • Ease of Use for batch-certified reagent testing and lowest cost per determination
    • Even more tests and application methods from SAK to UVT or colorimetry

    In addition to routine analysis in the VIS range, numerous extended routine measurements from chlorophyll to wine quality parameters and the innovative option of optical reagent-free measurement (OptRF) in the UV-VIS range for wastewater treatment plant effluent and surface waters are inspiring: On the road as well, because the lightweights are versatile from service to monitoring as a mobile laboratory thanks to power supply via standard car battery with standard cable.

    For our existing photoLab® customers we offer a photoLab® upgrade to our spectrophotometers at special conditions.

    Our filter photometers will be in use for many years to come: The method data of existing methods on the photoLab® S6/S12 filter photometers will continue to be supported and updated if necessary, new methods will no longer be supported.

     Videos: Video series on photometry: tips and tricks, routines and special applications

  • Specifications
    Applications / Application fields Routine measurements in waste and drinking water, field use optional
    Wavelengths 340, 445, 525, 550, 605, 690 nm
    Opticalsystem Filter/reference beam
    Custom methods no
    Cuvettes Round 16 mm