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Replacement caps for FDO® sensors - WTW

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  • Description

    Replacement caps for optical oxygen sensors for the IQ SENSOR NET

    The replacement caps for the digital FDO® sensors are calibration free and provide reliable DIN compliant results:

    • Long lifetime (3-5 years)
    • Easy and fast replacement
    • Automatic recognition

    FDO® sensors are the perfect solution for measuring dissolved oxygen. In addition to being free of calibration and flow, with their 45° membrane, they are also insensitive to air bubbles. Therefore, you will not require any additional installation equipment. The robust design of this sensors allows the use with an overpressure of up to 10 bar. The special membrane has a unique stability and thus ensures stable measured values.

    The calibration free replacement caps convince with a long lifetime of 3-5 years (depending on application). This enables sustainable operation and minimal maintenance costs. The caps are recognized by the sensor automatically and immediately. This ensures the fastest possible restart of the measurement.

    The typical cap for a wastewater treatment plant is the SC-FDO® 700, with a response time ideal for treatment processes. If a faster response time is needed to to the application, the cap SC-FDO® 701 can be used.

  • Specifications

    Measuring range (25 °C)

    O2 concentration

    0 ... 20.00 mg/l
    (0 ... 20.00 ppm) 

    O2 saturation

    0 ... 200.0 %


    O2 concentration

    0.01 mg/l
    (0.01 ppm) 

    O2 saturation

    0.1 %


    < 1 mg/l (ppm): ± 0.05 mg/l (ppm)
    > 1mg/l (ppm): ± 0.1 mg/l (ppm)

    Response time at 25 °C

    t90: < 60 s
    t95: < 80 s

    Minimum flow rate

    No flow required


    Non-sensitive to hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, and ionogenic substances

    Operational temperature

    23 °F ... 104 °F (-5 °C ... +40 °C)

    Allowed pH range

    4 … 12 pH


    PMMA, PVC, silicone

    Working life

    6 months guaranteed for authorized use under the specified environmental conditions


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