Viscometry Autosampling system, AVS® Pro III, basic unit

Viscometry Autosampling system, AVS® Pro III, basic unit

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  • Description

    Automatic sampler for viscosity measurement using capillary viscometers

    The AVS® Pro III automatic sampler is a PC-controlled, fully automated instrument for the determination of the viscosity, viscosity number, intrinsic viscosity etc.
    In spite of the high sample throughput, AVS® Pro III provides maximum accuracy and reproducibility. Furthermore, working with the automatic sampler is easy and allows unattended 24 hour operation.

    The AVS® Pro III, meanwhile in its 3rd generation with many improvements, has proved itself especially for quality control of polymers. Worldwide, most producers of polyamide, polyesters and other polymers trust in the AVS® Pro III. And increasingly, also many polymer processing companies are using the AVS® Pro III in their QC.

    Depending on application and customer’s demands, the instrument can be delivered in various configurations:

    • in general 2 to 4 measuring positions
    • macro or micro dosing modul, depending on viscometer types
    • two rinsing options: using next sample or rinsing agent with subsequent drying
    • variable waste system

    The configuration is adjusted together with the customer.

    We provide 3 years warranty

  • Specifications
    Overall dimensions WxDxH 130 x 62 x 100  [cm]
    Weight ca. 70 kg, without thermostat bath and vacuum pump
    Measuring range flow time up to 999.99 s; resolution 0.01 s
    Accuracy of time measurement ± 0.01 s; however not better than 0.1%
    Measuring range viscosity depending on viscometer, max. 1200 mm2/s
    Number of measuring positions 1 … 4
    Number of samples in rack 16 (100 ml), 56 (20 ml)
    Power supply 115 - 230 V, 50...60 Hz
    Viscometer types Ubbelohde (DIN, ASTM, Micro), Micro Ostwald and Cannon-Fenske Routine, made by SI Analytics®
    Measuring temperatur -40…+100 °C, depending on thermostat bath und measuring stand
    Compatible thermostat bathes All glass panelled thermostat bathes of SI Analytics®
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