WinVisco Version 4, Software for AVS®370

WinVisco Version 4, Software for AVS®370

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  • Description

    The new WinVisco 4 is the software for controlling the AVS®370 viscosity measuring instrument, with up to 8 visco measuring positions (ViscoPumps) that can be easily operated. The WinVisco 4 is newly programmed and works with Windows versions 7 and 10. The software combines a clear presentation of the results with comprehensive setting options for the instrument configuration and the measuring methods.

    As with the previous version, the software works in true multitasking, as WinVisco 4 cooperates with the ViscoPumps, whose internal software takes over the measurement of flow times and controls the measurement sequences.

    The monitoring of the thermostat bath temperature has been added as a new functionality compared to the previous version WinVisco 3. The RS232 cable VZ 7125 required for this purpose to connect thermostat CT72 / CT52 and AVS®370 is included in article VZ 8507 (software + RS cable). The article VZ 8506 contains only the software without the RS232 cable.

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