Digital Handheld Refractometer, OPTi® Brix 54, Bellingham + Stanley

Digital Handheld Refractometer, OPTi® Brix 54, Bellingham + Stanley

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    OPTi Refractometers - Compact digital Brix refractometers for measurements on-the-go.

    Our OPTi® digital handheld refractometers are high quality, UK made, simple-to-use, accurate, pocket sized refractometers offering measurement between 0-95 Brix depending on which instrument you choose.

    OPTi refractometers are constructed using the latest manufacturing techniques. Stainless steel injection moulding to form the easy clean prism dish and ultrasonic welding to bond the housing. Each OPTi displays information to the user via and easy-to-read LCD display, helping to make readings even easier than using a standard optical handheld refractometer.

    The OPTi 54 is our most popular digital handheld refractometer, offering a range of 0-54 Brix. This scales is ideal for use within food and beverage applications, allowing testing and quality control over sauces, soft drinks, fruit ripeness and more.

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