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Rotary Sample Changer for piston burettes and automatic titrators | SI Analytics

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  • Description

    The number of samples to be processed is growing constantly while at the same time the demands on reliability are increasing in accordance with GLP and ISO standards. The SI Analytics Sample Changer (TW 7200) helps you meet these increased requirements and free up highly qualified employees from routine work.

    Depending on your application, the Sample Changer from SI Analytics can be customised with sample trays of varying size as well as a rinsing pump. Sample trays are available with 12, 16, 18, 24, and 48 positions for accommodating sample vessels with a diameter of 28-82mm.

    The Sample Changer (TW 7200) is controlled by your PC (not supplied) and SI Analytics’ TitriSoft software (sold separately). The TitriSoft titration software is the optimum solution for your titration tasks. The software supports your daily work procedures during sample preparation, titration and evaluation of results.

    Key features

    • Titration heads and sample trays can be easily changed
    • Interchangeable Sample trays (12 - 48 positions)
    • Stirring from below is possible with the two built-in magnetic stirrers or from above with an optional rod stirrer (propeller stirrer)
    • The size of the sample tray is set in TitriSoft
    • Built-in horizontal titration head motor for positioning in another sample row
    • Connection of two pumps (diaphragm and peristaltic pumps) for rinsing of the electrodes and titration tips and for the suction of the sample
    • pH electrode calibration can be done on the sample changer

    Basic unit includes

    TW 7200 basic unit with two integrated magnetic stirrers, incl. ext. power supply 100-240 V with adapters for EU, US and UK, USB cable for direct PC connection and connection cable for rod stirrer.

    For individual SKU information please see the specification tab.
    To download the Sample Changer brochure please click here.

    Sample Changer TW 7200 Installation

    In this video we show you step by step the assembly of the TW 7200 sample changer, a titration head and a sample tray. It also contains details on the correct mounting of titration tips in the titration head, installation of an electrode and the use of a rod stirrer. In addition, the video also contains the connection options for titrators, piston burettes, PC and pumps. The installation of the software driver for the USB interface and the installation and use in TitriSoft is shown.

    We provide 3 years warranty

  • Specifications
    Interfaces:: 2 × RS-232-C, 1 x I/O, 2 x pumps, 1 x stirrer, 1 USB-A (Update only), 1 USB-Mini-B (PC), 1 x Ethernet
    Housing Material: Housing made of two-component- coated ALU, steel sheet, and epoxy resin
    Sample tray: aluminum powder coated
    Dimesnions: Basic unitt: 143 x 620 x 505 mm (W x H x D)
    Sample tray: 450 mm
    Weight: 10,3 Kg Examples with sample trays
    Sample tray with 16 beaker glasses 150 ml: approx.2.6 kg
    Sample tray with 24 beaker glasses 50 ml: approx 2.4 kg
    Sample tray with 24 reaction vessels: approx.6.3 kg
    Ambient conditions: Ambient temperature: + 10 ... + 40 °C for operation and storage Humidity according to EN 61 010, Part 1: max. relative humidity 80 % for temperatures up to 31 °C, linear decrease down to 50 % relative humidity at a temperature of 40 °C
    Power supply: 115 - 240 V~, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA
    Magnetic stirrer: 2 fixed magnetic stirrrers
    Horizontal motor: Horizontal motor for driving a second sample beaker row
    Sample trays: From 12 - 48 positions