HandyLab 200 the portable allrounder for conductivity measurements

HandyLab 200 the portable allrounder for conductivity measurements

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  • Description

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    Analog Portables Conductivity
    Old order no. Old model New order no. New model
    285202380 HandyLab 200/K 2CA300 Cond 3310
    285204530 HandyLab 200 ROUTINE 2CA301 Cond 3310 Set 1
    285204540 HandyLab 200 VERSATILE 2CA301 Cond 3310 Set 1
    285204550 HandyLab 200 PUREWATER 2CA300 + 301961 Cond 3310 + LR 325/01

    Due to the wide selection of 2 and 4 pole measuring cells made by SI Analytics, the system consisting of a sensor and HandyLab 200 can be used for a variety of purposes such as conductivity, salinity, TDS and specific gravity. Autoread provides a stabile, precise measuring value. The backlit display and waterproof design make it ideal for field use. For easy reference, the HandyLab 200 has a storage capacity for up to 200 data sets, which can be put out on the display.

  • Specifications
    measuring range 0.00 … 1000 mS/cm
    0.000 … 1.999 μS/cm.
    with cell constant K = 0.01 cm-1
    0.00 … 19.99 μS/cm.
    with cell constant K = 0.1 cm-1
    Display Backlit B/W graphical display
    storage 200 Data sets manual
    channels 1
    interface ´-
    Power supply 4 x 1.5 V alkali-manganese batteries, type AA. 4 x 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable batteries.
    type AA (no charging function)


  • handbook

    pH Handbook (English)

    A guide with helpful practical tips

    pH HandbookContents:

      • Basic concepts of potentiometry and pH measurement
      • Structure of pH electrodes
      • Potentiometry of the pH electrode
      • Buffer solutions and safety in pH measurement
      • Measuring equipment and measuring set-up
      • Practical pH measurement
      • Recommendations for use, maintenance and care of electrode

    Conductivity handbook (English)

    A guide with helpful practical tips 


    • Fundamentals - conductivity
    • Calibration and analytical quality assurance
    • Measurement and analytical quality assurance
    • New measurement technologies and specific applications
    • Optical oxygen measurement and more...
  • Manual

    Conductivity Measuring Cells (Manual, DE, EN)

    LF 513T, 613T, 713T, 713T-250, LF 813T, 913T, 913T-ID
    Document No.: T814838