HandyLab 750 Portable  Memosens® multi meter - SI

HandyLab 750 Portable Memosens® multi meter - SI

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  • Description

    the Portable Memosens® world with data storage and USB interface
    HandyLab Pilot software for evaluation of data from digital Memosens® sensors
    Store up to 5,000 data points
    Contrast-rich and scratch-resistant clear glass display.
    Self-explanatory operation with one clear text line
    Display of the sensor status at one glance with Sensoface.
    HandyLab Pilot software (included with delivery), allows easy management and evaluation of stored data and can be used for device configuration.
    Calibration of up to 3 points with automatic buffer
    Manual calibration by indicating random buffer values
    Real-time clock and display of battery charging status.
    Extended operating time of more than 1,000 hours with standard batteries (4 x AA) or use of a Li-Ion rechargeable battery, even with very high or low operating temperatures. The battery is charged via the USB interface.
  • Specifications