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HandyLab 750EX portable pH meter for potentiallly explosive areas- SI

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  • Description

    Portable Memosens® world with data storage and USB interface for the use in potentially explosive areas

    For use in potentially explosive areas up to zone 0/1.
    Store up to 5,000 data points.
    Micro-USB connection to communicate with the software HandyLab Pilot software for evaluation of data from digital Memosens® sensors.
    HandyLab Pilot software (included with delivery), allows easy management and evaluation of stored data and can be used for device configuration.
    Contrast-rich and scratch-resistant clear glass display.
    Self-explanatory operation with one clear text line.
    Display of the sensor status at one glance with Sensoface.
    Calibration of up to 3 points with automatic buffer detection.
    Manual calibration by indicating random buffer values.
    Real-time clock and display of battery charging status.
    Extended operating time of more than 1,000 hours with standard batteries (4 x AA).
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