RFM300 Series macro flowcell UNF 28/nozzle

RFM300 Series macro flowcell UNF 28/nozzle

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    Flowcell accessories from Bellingham + Stanley provide your refractometer processes with a means of semi or fully automated sample application and prism washing, creating more efficient workflows for your laboratory or factory.

    • Semi and fully automated means of sample application and removal
    • Provides inline multi-instrument configuration within flavours, fragrances, essences & more 
    • Auto-sampler connectivity 
    • Eliminates evaporation - minimises risk of exposure to volatile samples

    Macro flowcell accessory for RFM300 Series digital Refractometers, from Bellingham + Stanley.

    Macro flowcells are used where sample viscosity limits the use of micro-flowcells. They are also used for connection to a pilot plant or small batch process line - where a normal process refractometer may not be suitable.

    This flowcell accessory is designed for the RFM300-T Series and RFM300-M Series digital benchtop refractometers.

    The RFM300 Series refractometers from Bellingham + Stanley are a line of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers. Featuring wide beam optics and either a 7” touch-screen user interface (for the RFM300-T Series) or a tactile keypad (available for the RFM300-M Series) these refractometers are ideally suited for use in demanding applications within the food, beverage, chemical and industrial industries.

    To learn more about Bellingham + Stanley's flow-through refractometry solutions click here.

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