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RFM900 Series macro flowcell UNF 28

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  • Description

    Flowcell accessories from Bellingham + Stanley provide your refractometer processes with a means of semi or fully automated sample application and prism washing, creating more efficient workflows for your laboratory or factory.

    • Semi and fully automated means of sample application and removal
    • Provides inline multi-instrument configuration within flavours, fragrances, essences & more
    • Auto-sampler connectivity
    • Eliminates evaporation - minimises risk of exposure to volatile samples

    Macro flowcell accessory for RFM900-T Series digital Refractometers, from Bellingham + Stanley.

    Macro flowcells are used where sample viscosity limits the use of micro-flowcells. They are also used for connection to a pilot plant or small batch process line - where a normal process refractometer may not be suitable.

    This flowcell accessory is designed for the RFM900-T Series digital benchtop refractometers.

    The RFM900 Series refractometers from Bellingham + Stanley are a line of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers. Featuring wide beam optics and a 7” touchscreen user interface.

    Within the pharmaceutical industry or where aromatic and corrosive samples are prevalent, Bellingham + Stanley recommends RFM900-T Series Refractometers in conjunction with Flowcell Accessories. The RFM900-T with Flowcell is built with a PEEK spill barrier that surrounds the shallow, easy-clean stainless steel prism dish. A Chemraz® gasket seals the prism, chosen due to its almost impermeable nature to most chemicals. 

    Thanks to secure onboard software offering encrypted data logs, audit trails, and the ability to be compliant without the need of an intermediate PC, RFM900-T Series refractometers are ideal instruments in order to comply with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11.

    To learn more about Bellingham + Stanley's flow-through refractometry solutions click here.

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